Meet Kate, a teacher with the Daisy Foundation.

In 2019 I had the pleasure of meeting Kate, a teacher with the Daisy Foundation, and her beautiful little boy for a coffee and a chat all about her work.

What is the Daisy Foundation?

According to their website the Daisy Foundation is “A selection of classes, workshops and group sessions that meet the needs of expectant mums and new parents from early pregnancy right through to toddlerhood.” (

“I essentially hold a woman from 14 weeks pregnant to 2 years postpartum.” Explains Kate, who is clearly passionate about her work.

Everything we do, everything we teach is evidence based, and serves a purpose. We sprinkle our Daisy Magic through the wonderful and at times overwhelming journey that is pregnancy and motherhood. We hold, and support women and all of their choices, no matter what those choices are. We offer a safe and nurturing space for women to be vulnerable if they need to be, strong if they want to be, quiet if they have to be….whatever they need to be, we have a space for them.”

Diasy Foundation

What do Daisy offer?

“In addition to the pregnancy classes and workshops, we offer baby classes and a post natal class for mums. The baby classes start from 6 weeks old, and progress through 3 different stages. Tinies are 6 weeks- around 4 months. These are very gentle and calm sessions with baby yoga, baby massage, movement to aid calming and really support a connection between mum and her fourth trimester baby. From around 4 months to around 10 months we offer Wrigglers, which again pull on baby yoga and baby massage techniques, but also incorporate rhythm and baby sensory to aid baby’s development and strengthen the connection with mum and baby. The final stage of baby classes is from around 10 months to around 18 months. This Cruisers class consists of more rhythm, sensory and exploring. Our Daisy Mama classes are for a mum 6 weeks postnatal up until 2 years postnatal. These classes are just for mums, and are a glorious hour of mindful movement, connection to her new post natal body and relaxation. A real opportunity for mum to switch off, recharge, heal and calm her body and mind.”  

Why did Kate become a Daisy teacher?

“Because I adore pregnancy, birth and babies and all things related. I wanted to be in a position to help and support women and families make informed choices, make decisions about their bodies and have true consent in the birthing room.I want women to have positive birth experiences and that comes from them walking into their birthing room educated, informed, empowered and prepared. I wanted to be a part of something that is empowering women to take back control of their own bodies, to be someone cheering them on from the sidelines as they make informed decisions and walk away from their births knowing that they knew what was happening.”

Kate’s love for what she does is obvious, she oozes enthusiasm and clearly really cares for the mums that attend her classes. Her favourite part of the job is working with pregnant women.

“I love connecting with so many different women and watching their confidence grow. Each week as they piece together another piece of the labour journey, you can see them grow, become empowered, fall into their relaxation quicker each time and it really is incredibly rewarding. To give women the time and space to relax and connect with their pregnancy is incredible.”

Kate currently teaches Daisy Birthing classes at Kuducan cafe just off of Gloucester Road. For full details of her classes please click the link below.

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Class information and booking

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